Does Your Website Generate Sales?

Does your online content move your readers and inspire action? Your website is your sales force now – it’s how you “talk” to the person visiting your site. If you’re not speaking to your customer as an individual; if your reader doesn’t feel you’re sincere, you’ve lost her.

Pen & Peacock specializes in speaking to your online audience of “one” to let each customer know you understand his or her needs, that you’re there to help, and that he or she truly means something to your business.


The Art of Online Writing 

So how do you write for your reader and not bore them to death with keywords and unappealing language? That’s where Pen & Peacock Professional Writing can mold your message.

There’s not only a formula to follow for online content, it also requires writing experience, knowledge of how the sales process works, and ghostwriting expertise. (No, that’s not writing in white type – that’s writing in another’s voice). 


Trust Us to Be Your Voice

Pen & Peacock helps 25-30 clients a year improve their image and increase traffic with optimized websites. We also increase their following and databases with opt-ins, e-books, blogs, emails, newsletters, and print work.

Writing is an art; finding the balance between sales copy and relationship copy takes practice and experience. Put your trust in our expertise and we’ll find your voice; your “brand.” It is our specialty to help you share your story, increase traffic, and ultimately boost sales.


If you own a business, a website is a must. In order for your website to make money (rather than being an expense) content is key!  We don’t design them – we simply write them.

Press Releases & Online Marketing

Press Releases are a great tool to spread the word of a new product or company announcement – let us write it for you and send it out. Emails, newsletters, blogs, e-books…you name it, we can write it.

Printed Marketing Materials & Books

Yes – printed materials are still important. We can do it all: brochures, catalogs, postcards, ad slicks… no job is too big or too small. 


Browse our samples of past projects including websites, emails, books, brochures & more.

27 Years & Counting

Hello! My name is Kristin D. Sadler, founder and head writer at Pen & Peacock Professional Writing. 

For 27-years, my blend of advertising and marketing experience, product sales, and being an entrepreneur have helped others just like you grow their businesses through professional copywriting.

Customized content that fits SEO and each client individually is how we create online “sales-through-relationships” success stories.

I strongly believe a quality online message is critical to success. Whether I’m writing for your company or you as an individual, it has to be in your ‘voice,’ evoke emotions, and inspire action!

Take a peek at our portfolio to see an array of websites that may inspire you…



 About Us

Reach Your Target

Why spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful website if readers don’t stay with it (you have 8 seconds to keep their attention) and move on to your competition?

Never has it been more important to set you and your company apart from your competitors. Show your current and potential customers not just your business offerings, but your brand; your values.

Pen & Peacock Professional Writing has a proven history of reaching readers, finding the SEO sweet spot, and boosting traffic through content.

Contact us today to learn more! 727-420-9589



What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Her Work Speaks For Itself!

    Kristin is an absolute joy to work with. Her knowledge of search engines and how to get you ranked in Google is amazing. When it comes to copywriting for your website, Kristin Sadler should be your first choice. 

    Curtis Bernard
    Owner, Money In Media, LLC
  • Professional & Patient

    I enjoyed working with Kristin throughout the process of writing my website. Kristin is professional and very patient. Once we had a discussion and she got what she needed from me, she immediately began the process with her expertise, using keywords that will surely get me noticed on Google!  I highly recommend Kristin Sadler for your professional writing needs.

    Derlene Hirts
  • Experience That's Relevant

    Kristin Sadler is my go-to person for web copywriting and script writing. She has the experience to specifically write to what is most important for the end user and what search engines deem important on the web. In the complex world of search engine optimization, Kristin has it covered.

    Scott Nyberg
  • The "Word" Girl

    Kristin wrote my website from us just talking.  Next thing I know, my words were in print! I tell everyone: she did this – it's me on a plate, or rather on a website! Kristin is the "word girl" you never knew you needed.  Give her a call and she will make amazing things happen for you!

    Linda Otto
  • The Work She Does is Excellent

    I can trust her to look a project over and take the initiative to get all the necessary pieces together, freeing us up to be out there collecting more projects. The work she does as a result of this thorough approach is excellent. We've even had clients ask to steal her.

    Matt D'Rion
  • Well Written & On Time

    Kristin has worked on several projects for my companies from emails to websites.  The projects are well written and on time.  Will continue to use her company in the future as new projects come up.

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