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Is your website costing you money? There is a reason for that … most likely, it is ineffective content. Let’s use your own online experiences as an example. When you go online to fill a need and you read basic, boring online copy that reads as if the company is talking to “them” instead of “you” do you glaze over and skip around trying to find the information that you’re searching for? Do you jump off every site that annoys you a little faster each time? You’re not alone. Pen & Peacock solves website boredom and frustration and keeps visitors engaged.

We Specialize in Sending the Right Message

Websites are our sales force now. They are a way to “talk” to the one person who is reading the content and trying to fill a need. Pen & Peacock specializes in speaking to your online audience of “one” to let that person know you understand him or her, you’re there to help, and that he or she truly means something to your business.

The online world is how we communicate – it better be good and inviting or your reader won’t stick around or come back. The right message and balance of content is key!

The Secrets to Writing for More Than SEO

How many times have you or someone you know redesigned and redesigned their website because it’s not getting enough traffic? After you’ve spent thousands of dollars to redesign multiple times, here’s a little-known secret – it’s usually not the design that’s the problem. It’s the content.

  • Common yet proper language is key when speaking to the reader. Using the word “you” is important as is skipping “text” slang.
  • One of the main musts is having 300-500 words on nearly every page with keywords (but not be obvious about using keywords) so that the giant internet librarian named Google can find your business.
  • SEO is not enough – content has to be done in a way that’s warm and friendly, inspires action, and makes your target audience want to tell others.
  • Honing your message so that you’re selling and building a rapport on every page keeps prospects engaged.
  • A CTA at the end of every page is a must. Even if there’s a “Contact Us” button, put it in the copy.

This is just a glimpse of how to begin getting the perfect content. There’s a lot to know if you’re not a writer who specializes in this sort of thing. That’s where Pen & Peacock Professional Writing can mold your message.

Writing & Marketing Experience

My name is Kristin D. Sadler, founder and head writer at Pen & Peacock. I am a published author with a degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. Writing is in my blood – I wrote my first “book” at the age of six and have continued to refine my skills ever since.

My first job as a university graduate was Advertising Manager for a $53 million company writing and producing roughly 100 projects per year. What an incredible experience with an extremely diverse use of advertising, writing, art and photo direction, direct mail and database management, printing, and customer service skills. This invaluable knowledge set me on a life-long course of marketing, sales, writing, and producing nearly every form of media.

Relationship Selling

For nearly 20 years, while I thrived as a successful outside sales representative, I was also a freelance writer and continued to stay current with the changes taking place from print to web content. My sales experience provided relationship selling and marketing skills that now help businesses have online “sales-through-relationships” success stories.

Ghostwriter, Poet, Content Specialist

I have ghostwritten books, been a contributing writer for several publications, and enjoy writing poetry. These days, I focus on writing and editing, mainly online content. One of my favorite aspects of being a writer is helping people like you share your story, boost your online image, and increase traffic. Nothing makes my day more than when I get feedback from clients saying they’ve had an uptick in website traffic and orders.

Let Us Be Your Voice

Pen & Peacock writes 25-30 websites per year along with opt-ins, press releases, e-books, blogs, emails, newsletters and print work (yes – people still print stuff!). We have also added to the muster – we now have few highly-skilled writers to help more of you share your stories, increase traffic, and ultimately boost sales. Writing is an art and finding the balance between sales copy and relationship copy takes practice. Put your trust in us to be your voice.

Whether we’re writing for your company or you as an individual, it should be in your ‘voice,’ evoke emotions and inspire action. Visit our Portfolio for a few samples of our work.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like a quote, please contact us here and we will get back with you very soon. 727-420-9589