Who are you and what are you searching for?!

Those are the main questions you should be thinking about when it comes to your website audience.

  1. Does the copy on your website target your preferred audience and draw readers in and evoke emotions?
  2. Is it well-written, addressed to them, and does it solve the need they’re searching to fill?

In Order to Grow Your Business, the Right CONTENT is Vital

The key is building a relationship with every individual; creating not just brand loyalty, but a personal connection. Both are very important. So how does that fit into your business? People are emotional buyers. Whether you’re an accountant or have a tangible product to sell, appeal to them individually; make them feel like they want to buy from you or use your services. Speak with your followers (not to them) and watch what happens.

Website Costing Money Instead of Making Money?

Not sure how to build a relationship on the internet? Maybe your expensive website is not producing leads so you keep redoing it and it’s still not working. Writing it yourself isn’t going to cut it anymore. That’s where Pen & Peacock can help – with content that moves your audience, portrays your brand, your voice, and your business.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful website if readers don’t stay with it (you have 8 seconds to keep their attention) and move on to your competition? We’re here to help readers find you, keep each reader interested, and connect with you and your brand to ultimately generate leads and increase ROI.

Ready to make your website work for you? Contact us and we’ll talk about it. We can work with you or your web designer to incorporate proper content and SEO.

Why Wait?

Every single day that your website doesn’t generate leads or sales is a day that your competition’s website does. Take a look at the following websites and see if you find yourself drawn in and ready to order or call the business you’re reading about.