Press Releases – Free Advertising

When I was first in Advertising eons ago, we did free press releases weekly. Employee promotions, new equipment purchases, employee awards, company accomplishments, business growth – you name it, we announced it. Then with the advent of printed newspapers and local publications folding, everyone got the idea that the press release was dead. Not true.

Press Releases are valid and can reach people all over the world now instead of just your local community. Pen & Peacock can help you spread the good news of your business with press releases. And bonus – they’re usually free to publish. The more you’re on the internet with news releases and published material, the easier you are to find. Check out our portfolio and you’ll see a couple news releases to give you an idea.

Online Marketing Content

What the heck does “Online Marketing” include? It covers any type of marketing you choose to do that goes out on the internet. Your website is online marketing. Do you do a monthly blog and plug your business? That’s online marketing too. Do you have a forum or do you post opinion pieces to social media with your name and company information? Ditto. Newsletters, press releases, articles, social media posts, ebooks, ezines, YouTube Videos, Podcasts … you see where this is going.

Anything you can do that’s worthwhile (emphasis on worthwhile) to market your brand and your business online falls into this category. Pen & Peacock can help you with all of your online marketing writing needs and we’ll do it in your unique voice to inspire the reader to take some sort of action, whether that’s jumping on your website, sharing your story on social media, or buying from your business.

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • e-newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Opt-Ins
  • e-books
  • Landing pages for social media
  • Press Releases

Share Your Brand

When you think of “brand” do you think logo? Your brand is so much more than your logo and company name. It is your value system. When you want to share your brand and really get recognized, simply having a great logo is not enough. Online consumers want to feel they personally know you and your company. What makes you tick? You need to share your values, what motivates you and your business, and what you believe in through effective content.

Let your customers and targets know who you are. Are you all about customer service? Emphasize it. Do you only offer the very best widget (even though it costs a little more) because you value their time and want only the best for each customer? Let them know. If you’re not sure what your brand is, Pen & Peacock can help you define it and get your message out there. Consistently springboard your business and your message out into the world and watch what happens.

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