The Right Website Content is Key

Have you redesigned your website several times? If you’re like most people, you’ve realized you’re not getting a return on your investment so you keep redesigning it, certain this time you’ll be seen. Guess what? How cool your website looks has very little to do with how it performs. Yes, it needs to look professional and be easy to navigate, but it also requires the right content for Google and Bing to find you in the first place. Pen & Peacock Professional Writers can help you achieve website success which converts to business success.

Website Goals

Writing your website is a process that includes following some Google rules mixed with making sure what your target audience is reading means something to them. Have you ever read a website and could tell right away that it was written solely for keywords? Chances are, you either left the site or got what you needed and exited as fast as possible. The goal of your website is to engage your readers, appeal to their needs, build relationships, and have them not just buy what they came for but add extra items to their cart or share your site with others. You want each reader to feel you are speaking to him or her as if they’re in the room with you. If you succeed at this and continue to reach that person through your other online efforts, you will have a loyal follower and customer.

Isn’t a Home Page Video Enough?

No. Google does not see logos, graphics, photos, or videos. If there aren’t 300+ words on every page, as far as search engines are concerned, that page doesn’t exist. So getting them to find you is your first goal. Yes, having a video might make your customer or client stay a few seconds longer but what if he or she is somewhere they can’t watch a video, like a doctor’s office or a meeting, and they just want to know if you can solve their problem? If they can’t see bullet points or read about your services or products, they’re on to the next website to find that information. Yes, videos are part of the website success equation but opening with one without content is a huge mistake.

How Do You Know Google Will Find You?

You can’t be sure unless you pay per click to the tune of thousands of dollars to be at the top of the list. If you’re like the average business, you will be found by following Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using online marketing professionals to help you move up the list. With the right content, keyword research, links to your other pages (never take them off your own site), and interesting information, photos, videos, and interactive designs that not only get them to stay but make them want to stay and tell others, you will get there. Without all the key components working together, you will have a pretty website that you pay every month to keep instead of it paying you.

How Easy is it to Update a Website?

Depending on the format in which your website was created, it is relatively easy to update the content to get you closer to SEO. At Pen & Peacock, we get to know you, find out your goals, and learn your voice so we can accurately depict what you’re trying to accomplish. We do keyword research and update SEO titles and meta descriptions on Google so your target knows exactly what the page they’re about to click on is about. If we feel the design is in trouble, we are aligned with the best marketing companies in the St. Louis area to get your design and coding where it needs to be for optimization.

Increase ROI

Of course, we can’t guarantee that this will happen but if you ask our clients if there was an uptick in business after we edited their content, they will tell you there was and still is. Most of the websites we write are redesigned for complete optimization, but even the few that are straight edit jobs – we’re told the phone rings more and they have increased traffic. It works! If you’re interested in having us take a look at your website and offer a quote, please contact us todayWe want everyone to have a fighting chance in the worldwide market of online business. We can’t wait to meet you! 727-420-9589